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What Type of Roofing Material Is Best for Your Residence?

A roof is the workhorse of a house, but it doesn’t often get the value it warrants. It’s usually an afterthought to the elegance of an illuminated kitchen or a luxurious bedroom, quietly shielding these spaces from the exterior world. In fact, it’s only when a roof doesn’t provide sufficient shelter—like, say, when it leaks—that this vital detail transitions into a high priority on a homeowner’s list.

“A roof is one of the most vital expenditures a property owner ever makes—it’s literally what protects everything and everyone inside a house,” says Elizabeth Moody, the senior merchant for roofing at The Home Depot.

Available roofing components have broadened in the last couple of years, so choosing the right one will be overwhelming. Moody suggests going into the process as an informed customer, which is why we asked her to describe how to choose the kind that’s right for your home. And since you might need assistance on when exactly to replace a roof and its proper installment, Moody also shares tips on these topics, too. Read on to get her insights, and you’ll start appreciating this workhorse more.

How to Choose The Right Roofing Material

As more property owners have discovered to embrace the merits of curb appeal, roofs will be one way to achieve that goal on a broad scale. Most addresses have steep roofs, Moody says, so their look is more noticeable to passersby. “The roof is like a home’s window dressing,” she says. “It will really make a statement on the house.”